TSI has been performing Contract Programming Services throughout the United States since 1996.  We have the knowledge, expertise, business and recruiting processes to successfully provide clients skilled IT talent needed to support existing staff or handle specific project requirements.  While we can find qualified contractors in most business systems areas, we specialize in finding talented Programmers, Programmer/Analysts, Developers, Business Analysts, DBA’s, Project Leaders, Project Manager, IT Directors, Architects, Network Engineers, Data Center experts, and Administrators in the following technologies and/or environments:  PeopleSoft, Hyperion, IBM iSeries or AS/400, Oracle RDBMS, SQLServer, .Net, Windows LAN/WAN, Cisco Layer 2/3, Lync/Skype For Business, DocVelocity, Unix/Linux all flavors, HP-UX, IT Security, Cyber Security, Information Assurance, CISSP, Java, J2EE, Remedy, CMDB, ADDM, ServiceNow, and more! 


This service offering is advantageous to clients for different reasons.  Some of our clients cannot get upper management approval for an additional staff member but anticipate getting it in the future. In addition, they can get approval for contract programming or temporary staffing services.  Other clients want to minimize the risk of making a hire decision mistake.  No matter how thorough and detailed you are during the interview and screening process, you often cannot tell how good someone is until they are on board and working for a period of time.  Both of these examples are addressed with out Contract to Hire service offering.  Put simply, this lets customer hire a contract programmer for a specific need now, with the hope of converting this contractor to an employee at some future date.  Contract to Hire (CTH) transactions to be successful, the entire process has to be managed with the end goal in sight – conversion to employee.  TSI works with candidate and clients closely during the recruiting and contract phase to insure perceptions are managed properly and to minimize any surprises that could hinder a successful transition.


Many of our client’s Human Resource departments don’t have the time, resources, and/or talent to proactively find valuable Information Technology professionals necessary for the IT Department’s they support.  TSI’s has a proven track recording helping firms of all sizes (small, privately held firms to Fortune 150 organizations) find skilled IT pros to add to their staff.  Not only do we find the best of the best candidate’s that are actively looking for new jobs, but we also use talent sourcing strategies, our extensive IT network, and our database of IT pros to find good passive candidates.  These are the folks who are not currently looking for a new job but can be persuaded to interview for a position that is the right fit.  TSI has a high “candidate stick” rate, direct placements at clients who remain for many years.