TSI works almost exclusively with Information Technology professionals who specialize in business systems.  We have close, partner-like relationships with many of our clients.  This often provides us access to job orders prior to them being released to other firms because of our intimate knowledge of our clients business, their IT culture, and the types of people they look for. 

We are always interested in having skilled, talented IT professionals introduce themselves to us, send us resumes, and provide regular updates of their availability, new skills, and contact data.  As we network with our clients and new prospects and receive contract or direct placement job openings, we search our candidate database and hit our network to find the right skill and cultural fit.  Those candidates who keep us up to date and abreast of changes in background, skills, and talents are the ones who often get first shot at these positions. 

Please e-mail us your current resume and make sure you include all your current contact numbers.  Also let us know how you would define "the perfect job" so we can keep an eye out for you.

Your PRIVACY is very important to us!  TSI treats your personal data as if it was our own.  TSI will only use the information you provide us for the purposes of storing the information in our database to assist us identify potential job opportunities that would be suitable. WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT YOUR RESUME to a prospect or client without your permission. In fact, we recommend you demand all recruiters and firms you work with during your job search do this to avoid the embarrassment of a double submission. Many firms will not interview you if they receive your resume from 2 separate vendors, so it's in your best interest to manage this process and know where your resume has been sent.